Sunday Coffee Table Linked-List (1)

It has been a relaxing weekend. Lazing around, whiling away the day with a cold bottle of water. Watching the sun go down and running around my scenic neighbourhood filled with smoothing greens of trees brings about a nice tranquil feel to the body and mind.

As the weekend is drawing to a close, I have been contemplating on what to post, what to write and what to share. As much as I want to write, ideas do run dry. The gears are cranking, the momentum is slow. Inevitably  the wall is the obstacle and bashing through it may not be the cleverest plan right now.

Instead of forcing it, I’m going with the flow. Swimming with the flow of current instead of fighting against it. Tide will change, things will eventually work out and I’m coming to the realisation things don’t always go as planned. Take in everything with an open mind and an open heart. The act of writing this post is like a burden off my shoulders, after thinking of what to write but nothing comes together. I reckon writing my experience of being stucked is a form of writing in itself. When I read this post years down the road, it shall serve as a reminder that road blocks in life are plenty, and this is just one of the many on the journey called life.

This week’s theme for links is design. I always appreciate good design. I have always hold products that encompass clean, simple and functional design in high regards. Products that stay true to its origin are honest and respectful. Designs that evoke a sense of “ah-ha” and marries form and function is an exquisite pairing.

(i) Why is Facebook Blue?
This may explain why there are so many blue color apps around. Heck, even the icon for app store is blue. So, before we jump into conclusion into why certain businesses are heavy in a particular color, remember it’s science rather than individual preference.

(ii) 1984 Book Cover
This book cover for George Orwell’s 1984 is simply beautiful. Clean, understated, well-thought out and wonderfully executed.

(via swissmiss)

(iii) Creative Book Shelves
Books define you, book shelves define your room. Spice up your space with this touch of creative work that will add class to and invite conversation from curious visitors and friends.


So that’s it, the first edition of Mintype’s Sunday’s Linked Post. Next week, I’m not sure if there will be another post like this. Assuming everything goes well, I will be sipping a tall glass of bitter-sweet ice lemon tea, catching up the news with the Sunday Papers, people-watching in the bristling town coffee shop.

That’s just an assumption, and a nice dream. May we look forward together to the second edition of SLP (Sunday Linked Post).