Sunday Coffee Table Linked List (4)

For this fourth instalment of SCTL (Sunday Coffee Table Linked-List), I’m going to keep it short and sweet.

The following three videos are all from various TED talk around the world. They are all wonderful and broad-based topics, and you can apply the concept behind their presentation to all aspects of life.

Since we are going to do some watching, the lesser you read here, the more time you have to watch them. Here goes:

How Great Leaders Inspire Actions by Simon Sinek
For everything we do, start with a why. Why is such a powerful word, but we often overlooked it. Simon Sinek also explores how Apple understand the rationale of making people understand the values behind everything they do, and this translate into tangible ingredient no other firm can compete against.

Gaming Can Make A Better World by Jane McGonigal
Jane McGonigal starts off by saying we are not playing enough games. Gaming gives us instant feedback on our work, something not possible in reality. We never give up in games, because we believe no matter how hard the challenge is, it’s always possible. Gaming does indeed makes the world a better place.

Lessons From The Bamboo by Garr Reynolds
Presentation guru Garr Reynolds shares with us what he thinks of Japan, and how we can learn from the values of bamboo.