Sunday Coffee Table Linked-List (3)

I enjoy posting and sharing links. This is the primary reason why I’m going to continue this mini series of link-sharing post every Sunday.

Though it could just be any other day, I find Sunday’s a little more appropriate, given that it’s the end of the long week and we usually wind down and give our mind a much needed rest. Moreover, as we working class prepare for the next working day, many would prefer to engage in passive activities like watching movie and reading interesting short articles rather than opening up the Business Times.

So, as we approach the third week of this series, I’d like to share with some of the interesting finds around the net.

(i) Findings
I wished I could had discovered this earlier, but it just got by under my radar. Having use it for just a couple of day, I can already see tremendous value in it already. Sometimes I collect, bookmark and clip article and forgot about the reason why I saved them in the first place. This handy service saves, highlight and refer back to the original source. For inspiration, I will browse through the site and discover something new and meaningful each time.

(ii) Drafin
Editing made easy. It’s a simple service that really showcases what editing is all about. Overwrite changes and the original author can choose to accept, instead of merely accepting and wondering what have been changed. When you are done with the editing, comparison can be made with a view of the original piece against the edited piece. And all these great features (and more) for the cost of nothing. Totally free.