Sunday Coffee Table Linked-List (2)

I didn’t think I’d have the diligence to sit down here on a Sunday night to post something on my blog.

Granted, posting links require little effort. Click, copy-paste and publish. It’s as simple as that, nothing more. But the act of turning up requires a more disciplined approach, an approach I hope to reap the benefits in the future by having better control of my lifestyle.

So, for the consecutive week running, I’m sitting here by the table, laptop in front of me and ready to publish my thoughts before the world. This week’s theme is working hard, and none epitomise this better than the great Michael Jordan.

(i) On Michael Jordan, by Wright Thompson
Michael never seems to age. He defies age like he used to defy gravity. He is the icon of the sporting world. He is the king of basketball and he sparked the interest in so many children imitating his “tongue out” move.

His clutched shots and magnificent achievements will forever be remembered, but it’s his character that really shines head and shoulder above anyone else. He has no peers. He wants to win. He can be a sore loser. It’s worth noting his struggles lies beneath the glorious limelight he hogs, and the fire within him is still burning strong.

It’s a wonderful piece of article, and if I may say, it’s sport journalism at its best.