Sunday Bliss: Grilled Cheese Sandwich

After watching the legendary scene of grilled cheese sandwich in the movie Chef, I’m inspired to make one of my own.

In what’s like a follow-up to the movie, the mini series Chef Show (now streaming in Netflix) showcases Jon’s chemistry with his buddy Roy. It’s nice to see him getting his hands dirty and his willingness to just about try anything.

I’m also convinced Roy is the coolest chef, after the late Anthony Bourdain. As a celebrity chef, he remains grounded and speaks with honesty and zero fluff. His easy-going and laid-back nature are pretty rad. But when it comes to cooking, we can see his intensity coming through and he demands the very best.

Today, I made my very own grilled cheese sandwich. Sourdough bread, kraft, cheddar and emmental cheese, unsalted butter and olive oil. That’s it.

I’d say not bad for my first attempt. If I were to tweak anything, I’d just have 3 slices of cheeses instead of 6. That would be just nice.