Stay Home, Save Lives

We are all deprived from the everyday activities we used to take for granted during this lockdown.

Things like dining out, gathering with friends, visiting families, going to the mall, walking by the beach, dipping in the public pool. These will have to wait until we get the situation under control.

Clamming up at home, we lose track of time. My wife has been staying home for about 2 months already, and she can’t tell which day of the week it is anymore.

As an essential service worker, my company mandates that I’ve to be in the office every other week. I’m cool with that. Every opportunity to be anywhere other than home is a nice escape.

The people in the lower end of the social ladder are being hit hardest. With dwelling income and wobbly job security, it’s taxing on their financial and mental well-being.

For most of us parents, our kids are now learning from home. It’s a balancing act of juggling work and caring for our children.

It’s not a productively race, contrary to what companies and bosses are touting. The transition from office to remote work will be long marathon. We are all trying our best to grind through this unprecedented period.

Some people said when the pandemic is over, the world wouldn’t be back to what it used to be. I’m not too sure of that. Things will change, hopefully for the better. Mindset will shift, businesses will adapt, people will thrive.

For now, I’m working on cooking better and enjoying the time I spend at home with my wife and little one.