Squarespace Redesigned

Recently, Squarespace revamped their website and the result is pretty spectacular. You can scroll through the different scenarios, all 7 of them using your arrow keys.

The brand doesn’t shine the spotlight on itself. It doesn’t promote its features, its backbone, its prices or its customer support. It focuses on the customer, how they go about creating the website and what they use it for. From personal blogs to small business, these are cases from everyday people on the street like you and me. That’s what make them believable and attractive.

The new design is also very pleasing on the eyes. It offers a first person perspective on the things you can do and create using their platform. While its target audience leans towards the creative side, it’s not all arty-farty. Anyone with an interest in beautiful, elegant things will appreciate the simple layout. You can easily visualize yourself as the one inside the video, doing work you love, in the environment you like. It’s really pulling readers, visitors, and those sitting in the fence to give it a try. Be like them, the video seem to urge. It also further affirms those who are already on the platform it’s worth staying for.

While I left Squarespace not too long ago, I’m always keeping touch with what and how they are developing. There are a few shortcomings of course, as are other platforms. But for someone looking for a simple website to host their work, the templates offer by Squarespace is a great place to get started.