Squarespace Cover Pages

Squarespace is the Apple of CMS. Elegant, meticulous attention to details and best of all, they unleash the creative talent in all of us.

With the launch of Cover Pages, anyone can set up an impressive landing page. I’m sure most of us will play around and tweak with the design elements.

Just $5 monthly, a simple page to mock up and display just the essential information. No fuss, easy to drag and drop the elements to create a classy cover page.

And thanks to swissmiss and CreativeMornings, Squarespace is offering a one year complimentary membership on Cover Pages.

Once you’ve signed up for a free trial, select the “Settings,” “Billing and Accounting,” and finally, “Billing.” You’ll need to enter your credit card info and the code DESIGNSOMEGOOD to receive 100% off your first year. Don’t worry, Squarespace will only charge your card when your year is up, and give you plenty of notice beforehand.

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