Simon Sinek on Millennials & Understanding The Game We’re Playing

Simon Sinek’s talk on technology, millennials and empathy has been making rounds in the Internet.

Rightly so.

He shares how we have brought up a generation that’s based on instant gratification, lack of social skills, and being thrown into an environment vastly different from what they expect. Lacking empathy, people said they are unmanageable. But empathy is a critical virtue of any good leaders. To lead well, we have to understand the reasoning behind their behaviour.

Things get interesting in the second half of the talk when he shares about infinite vs finite. Great companies stay in business because they understand they need to stay in the game for the long haul. Most companies look at the competition, copy them, and thrive to out-do them. Great firms wake up everyday thinking how to improve their product or service.

As people, we can do the same.

What can we do to make sure the work we produce today is better than the work we produced before?

In other words, what is the something that we can do today that makes us a better version of ourselves?