Shot Entirely Using iPhone

It’s exciting, because it’s spontaneous. 

Celebrating 30 years of Macintosh, this short clip is a showcase of how people around the world is harnessing its power to create, to entertain, and to make things they wouldn’t have dreamed up of. Apple didn’t put the power into the hands of people. Technology has. But Apple makes it accessible to everyone. Toddlers to grandparents, connecting together.

The most interesting takeaway from this is of course, knowing the entirely clip is shot using only an iPhone. In the hands of skilled cinematographers, it is possible to create something so real, so tangible and so approachable. It’s not longer ‘”good enough’”.

This is why I only used an iPhone 5 for my recent trip to Paris. I intend to do the same for this upcoming Dubai vacation as well. After all, what I really wanted to do is to tell stories, a personal journey documented in the form of pictures and words. What better way to do it than the little device in my pocket.

Watch and read the story of filming 1-24-14.