Setting Featured Post

It’s good to see other sites out there using the same theme as mine. Before I started using this theme by iA, I was sourcing around for a simple, minimal theme to render my words on the screen. Pictures are secondary concern to me.

Having concluded that I don’t post often (at the time of choosing the theme), I pretty much write longer articles (more than 500 words), and I hardly link to others via post title (ala Daring Fireball style), I thought iA’s minimistic and elegant theme would be suitable for this blog.

If WordPress is the engine that powers this site, the theme must be interactive elements. For a guy with limited CSS skills, even simple tweaks sometimes left me with head scratching frustration. As such, I’m constantly looking for inspirations from fellow users of this theme and try to pick up a thing or two.

I have seen other sites that are powered by this very theme set featured post, but I’ve never been able to do so. After many failed attempts that resulted in nothing but endless head banging on the table, I figured some people ain’t meant to do certain things.

This morning, someone I follow on App.Net asked this very question that puzzled me. Someone followed up with a response that provided a solution to his, and my problem. Hoo-ha. A pleasant surprise and an answer to my mystery. Setting the feature post is as easy as creating a category named “Featured”, and adding the post I want to it. No documentation was provided for the purchase of the theme, and it would have costed a lot more if support was to be provided for them. I always wanted to change a few subtle elements for this site, but I’m realistic enough to know it’s a big ask.

Till then, I’m happy with the little bit of knowledge I acquired on this hot and humid Sunday morning.

Thanks to Zero for posting this question, and thanks to Elliot for answering that.