Security And Freedom Are The Ultimate Gifts

Forget material things. Forget money (though you need enough money to achieve security and freedom, don’t be enslaved to them).

At this moment, I’m lusting after a Bellroy Note Sleeve wallet, a Leica Q, and a Nomos watch. They’re all beautiful and well-made products. But do I need them?

Well, my current wallet is showing signs of wear after 4 years (I think) of use. I’m not the most gentle person and I often leave my wallet in my back packet and sit on it. It still holds up pretty well, just not as sturdy as its predecessor.

I’ve no business with a new camera, really. I’m not a good enough photographer to take advantage of the fantastic imaging quality of Leica Q. I’m probably lusting after owning a Leica camera than wanting to take better pictures. I should invest time and effort to take better photographs instead.

I’m a sucker for the supposed heirloom items like watches. When my son grows up, I want to hand something that’s practical, tangible and laden with stories. The wristwatch has achieved peaked design and usability., I believe. A mechanical watch will still be relevant in 20 years time, not than the latest smartwatches in the market now.

What do security and freedom buy us, then?

Security gives us assurance that we will be alright. Security comes in many form:

Money: when we have enough savings for rainy day, we don’t worry as much when something unexpected (they always come at the worst time) happens. Like bringing a sick child to the hospital, a car breakdown, retrenchment. When one is in debt, the situation becomes compounded (that’s me – I’m in debt and retrenched).

Relationship: when we have family and friends to rely on, things become so much more stable. Need a listening ear, friends are there. Need some cash to tide over, family members are always generous enough. I’m lucky to have supportive family and friends by my side.

Can we really achieve freedom then? When we’re liberated from the lust of material goods and continual chase of money, freedom becomes easier to attain. Are we willing to take on lesser-paying jobs to have more personal time? It’s ultimately a trade-off between exchanging our time for money. Living below our needs help.

Chasing all my life for security and freedom then realising that I’m no further from the target than a decade ago. I ought to be more conscious on applying the concept of frugal hedonism.