Say Hi

As with everything, it begins with a simple Hi. A short greeting, a genuine smile and the warm embrace. Time stood still.

Memories can sometimes fail us, as it often does. We need assistance in remembering our existence, hence the influx of tools and apps designed to capture these fleeting moments. We need a platform to tell our stories, mostly personal stories we want to keep close to our heart. Day One is excellent for such duties.

Then there’s Hi, a storytelling platform that publishes our version of our memories online, for the world to explore and take in. There is a level of honestly, raw and unrefined, unpretentious vibe of writing that really draws me in. As a user, I’ve only tried it once before. As a reader, I’m constantly returning back to read travel adventures and interesting stories and places. It provides me with a tranquil-like sense of comfort. There’s a feeling of connection between people I don’t know, thousands of kilometres away.

Here’s a recent favourite of mine. The Time Machine by John Strategy:

“Dad,” my son finally broke the silence. “When you were little there were no cell phones, right?”

“That’s right,” I said, peering through the rear-view mirror. 

“So when I grow up there will be so many new things.”

“Things, right now, that we can’t even imagine,” I added. “And you’re going to be the one who makes those things.”

He seemed to contemplate this for a moment. “If I do make them, will you and mommy buy one?”

“We certainly will. We’ll even buy two.”

“Ok. Well, I’ll give you one for free.”