Save A Life, Get A Message

Blood donor in Sweden gets a notification via text message each time their blood is being used. It’s a form of tangible feedback, a feel-good response that donors get when their contribution is put into use in saving lives.

Besides, it’s also a good way to generate discussion among peers and family members, especially through social media. An effective way to increase awareness and thank blood donors at the same time. What a brilliant idea.

* * *

It makes me think of this text message I received two days back. I went for an operation two weeks ago and was warded for a day. Taken care of really well by the doctors and nurses, and the least I could do was showing my appreciation through the feedback form.

In turn, having this message showed up in my phone confirms that my appreciation is being relayed to the nurse. She deserves this encouragement for the dedication she put into her work, day in day out in a tough environment. Hopefully, it will spur the staffs to maintain their service quality and at the same time, encourage patients to fill up the feedback form, knowing that it will be processed appropriately.