Run The Same Race

On Instagram some time back, I saw this picture from Bonnie Tsang. What the picture was, I can’t really recall. But I certainly can recall the accompanying comment that was with the picture.

I tried to dig through the photos but it wasn’t easy to locate that single picture amongst the huge photo pile she has amassed.

Though the frequently of her postings is on the high side, I never find them annoying or irritating. Most of them are artfully taken with the use of natural light to cast a nice mood to the subject.

And the quote goes something like this:

Find a mate who is running the same race as you who can keep up with you and also push you ahead.

I can resonate with this. From time to time, we need someone that is roughly on the same level as us. They are our peers and we match up evenly. That being said, these friends still have enough power in their engine to go that extra mile. This added distance will spur us on, bearing in mind that we are capable enough to be like them.

In doing that, we are also growing as a person and constantly seeking to improve. And this can only be a good thing.