Restoring Film Camera


I love all things vintage. There’s character and story behind things that are well used.

To find a young chap restoring and repairing stuff like film camera – it’s not something you’ll see everyday.

The man behind this is Pierro Pozella. His demure, dedication, patience and background seems to fit this trade perfectly.

He didn’t wake up suddenly and realise god as bestow him the ability to restore film cameras. It’s more like the trade chose him.

It started when he was volunteering and people were discarding stuffs. He took things apart and try to savage what’s useable.

As he progresses, he got better and people were knocking on his door. Organic growth through positive word-of-mouth.

That’s how PPP (the name could be better, but at least it’s memorable) becomes what they are today.

And the fact that he’s so keen in training apprentices to preserve this art heartens me.