Read and Sleep

I like reading before I turn in. Cuddling up on the bed, with a book in hand, falling asleep before the charm of the words.

There’s only so much I can read in this lifetime. Assuming I finish two books a month, I would have read 24 books a year and 240 books in a decade. I came across the same advice from people – don’t attempt to finish the book you don’t enjoy. If you dislike it, discard it. There are far too many undiscovered gems out there waiting for you. I used to labour through books I don’t really like, because I’ve already paid for it and the only way to get the value out of it is to finish the book. But, what true value do I really get out of something I don’t enjoy. These days, I cast aside those books that don’t hold my attention in the first couple of chapters. I re-read those books I love, because reading them over and over again never get old.

I especially like magazines that explore and celebrate’s creation. Farmers, bakers, carpenters and designers. They are all craftsmen. I love reading the stories behind their pursuit of the profession. As a creative you need to be passionate, curious and embrace changes. A honest and labour intensive trade like farming requires dedication, discipline and stamina. The reason why they go into their respective profession is almost always interesting and sometimes, surprising.

Fictional books allow me to escape into another world. When I’m asleep, I would enter the world and the story would continue. My story. That’s why I like reading books before I sleep. Besides building up a bedtime ritual that would ease me into sleep easier and faster, I like knowing that I would wake up the next day wiser and smarter. Reading gives us a different perspective, a different vantage point from which we look at the world and people around us.

I’m on schedule to reading two books a month. There’s no need to buy new ones, because there’s a backlog of new books still waiting to be break open, stiff, and read.