Rain Needed To Reignite The Interest

Last week, I bought my first book – On Writing Well by William Zinsser. It’s a different experience, my first time reading from an e-reader. The transition has been smooth and I like the way e-ink is rendered on the screen.

The book started off well. It got me hooked in flipping (well, technically page-turning) through in double-fast speed. The honest and easy-going tone makes for a light and comfortable read. The great thing about e-reader is I can look up words instantousely and highlighting the phrases I want to revisit. It’s a wonderful time-saver and so much more convenient than referring to external sources to verify the uncertain words. I wouldn’t have highlighted the phrase in the actual book, most times I prefer to write them down in either my notebook or Simplenote.

As I go on, I realize my capacity and desire to write dwell. I no longer have the urge to write whatever that comes to my mind. As I have written before, the feeling feels similar to looking through the dry well – empty and deprived of water. Rain would definitely help, but exactly when it will sprinkle down I’m not sure. I have experienced this before, the sinking feeling of running dry of ideas and nothing good to give.

The well needs to be replenished. Hopefully a downpour will bring a gash of ideas that will reignite my writing interest.