Pushing Up Good Habits

20 push-ups and sit-ups. Every night, without fail. Did it for 9 straight days. No matter how tired I was, I made sure it was done.

It’s my first 30-day challenge. For 30 straight days, I have to do
20 push-ups and sit-ups. I chose this as I’ve a fitness test coming up in 2 month’s time. My body is also terribly out of shape, the fats protruding out unsightly at my despair and to others’ disgust. Every little bit of toning helps.

Striking out the days is satisfying. It becomes the
Seinfeld’s hack of “don’t break the chain”. For the past 4 days, I was down with tummy upset. Balancing and using my core was tough, and sitting up repeatedly was painful.

So I broke the chain.

The first day after I stopped, I was eager to regain the momentum and get back into action. Second day, less so. By the third day, I was not even bothered.

It shows that building good habits take time. Break the chain and it becomes harder to gain the momentum.