Practicing Good Typography

Good typography shouldn’t be left to chance.

While it takes a while to fully grasp the concept of typography, we can always practice and observe a few simple guidelines to ensure we don’t make a mess.

Golden Ratio Typography Calculator by Chris Pearson is a site that calculates the best proportion based on mathematical formula. You input values like the content width, font size and characters-per-line. Base on these numbers, it will offer a few recommendations.

There’s also Practical Typography by Mathew Butterick. The guide is free and the advice are well, practical in our everyday context. Designed like a paperback, the writing is easy to digest and it makes for a good read in the Sunday morning or as a handy reference in the studio. It’s an interesting idea that the way to pay it forward for this site is to buy the fonts made by the author, or purchase fonts off its affiliated links.

It takes knowledge and a good amount of time to design something that really reflects the personality of the publisher. Understanding what we want to achieve with our content and presenting them in the form of typography is the direction I’m shaping this site to be.