Pizza and Father

Yesterday was Father’s Day.

We spent the day at home, ordered pizzas and ribs. They were delicious.

This is the first time in a long while where we have every of my family members gathered in my place. After a early dinner at 4pm, we gathered around the living room. I showed them the newly printed copy of our wedding photos. Many thanks to Douglas for the awesome shots for our special day.

It’s great to recall these memories in print. We can touch, feel, and seemingly smell the scent. It takes me back to the morning where I arrived with a bunch of best friends. To the afternoon where I had difficulties popping the champagne. To the night where we walked around Orchard road with the best feeling in the world.

The sun sets. It’s time for the cake.

It’s Mont Blanc bought by my wife from a Japanese pastry shop we frequent. It’s light and fluffy, subtle in flavour and tasted great.

We took a stroll downstairs and bumped into an old friend of my father. Small world. A pleasant surprise. Greeted each other, then bid good bye.

Shopped around in supermarket a stone’s throw away. Mother was in good mood to buy household essentials.

It looks like an ordinary encounter any other family would do. But it’s this ordinary day-to-day activities the foundation of family bond is built on.