Photography At 125

This October, Nat Geo magazine turns 125.

To commemorate this milestone, the magazine will feature this anniversary edition by featuring some of its most iconic photographs. It is also a testament to its adventure-seeking and talented photographers that brought us so many memorable scenes that are close to our heart.

As I read and re-read the article again, I struggled to extract a particular passage that best represent this story. In fact, the entire article is worth reading and archiving in your storage. I’m not too much into photography but their focus is never about the image itself. It’s as much as the journey of the photographers to the struggles of the subject.

I always admire and like the documentaries. From its meaningful logo of little yellow rectangle to the distance their filmmakers go to capture the scene to the endearing photographs.They personified the adventures, the discoveries and the explorations of the unknowns.

The image of an Afghan girl in the refuge camp is something I can never forget. It’s such a powerful picture that conveys emotion, transcends continent and erases language barrier. It makes us want to find out more.

They can be honest and simple. Such is the power of photography.