Photo Of The Year – 2013

We’re nearly a quarter of the way into 2014, and what have you accomplished? I haven’t actually found my calling – to be a brand consultant, to open a small cafe, to have a space online to run my favourite publications, and to have a quiet corner that stocks all the denims handpicked by me.

That is well, my dreams. But dreams can become a reality. That’s what I’m hoping for. They are all realistic enough, and they’re all of real importance to me. I’m passionate about branding, cafe, magazines and jeans. It’s part of my life and it would be really awesome if I can wake up everyday and look forward to working with them.

That being said, I felt a strong sense of emotion going through when I look at the photo above. I call it The Embrace. What was on their mind at the last moments, knowing the end was imminent. I can’t imagine, nor can I ever comprehend. There was a trail of blood running down the man’s face. Like a tear.

Whatever crisis I’m going through, it always pales when confronted with what others had to or have to face. Just like traveling opens my eyes to the world, looking at these photos always bring a global perspective to the universe. Here’s TIME top 10 pick for 2013 best photos.

I hope you are sincerely moved by them as much as I was. Just like Nat Geo magazine, the narrations are top notch as well.