People Buy Into Perception

The reason why we buy into brands is because we believe in them. We believe in what they believe in. What these brands want us to see is what they want us to perceived.

Perception is everything. We buy into what we choose to believe. We relate to ordinary folks like our neighbours next door. Putting them in the advertisement for a pair of basketball shoe and we can easily relate to them. If they can do it, so can we. But will it trigger the call to action for us to purchase? What if we have Michael Jordan standing there to endorse the product instead? He is a champion. He knows what it takes to get there. We want to achieve the best and if Jordan can get there using it, it must be the best pair of show we can buy. That’s what perception can do to us. It alters our sense of reality and evoke the emotional bud in us to to do irrational things.

Perception: Calvin Klein undergarments make us sexy. Reality: We can get better brand of fabric at cheaper prices.

Perception: Driving a Land Rover makes you look tough and enables you to go off-road to those less-travelled places. Reality: You are merely using it for journey to the office and back.

Perception: The country club membership allows you to play golf, catch up with friends and connect with acquaintances over drinks. Reality: You buy it as a status indicator, a feel-good factor that you have made it in your career to be able to afford it. 

While taking a more grounded approach is refreshing, we always look for things and services to improve our lives. It doesn’t matter how irrelevant it may look, the important thing to note is we will never cease looking and buying such product.