Pedal Up & Down


People are standing at corners, maintaining maximum distance within the confined space of a lift.

Some people use their elbow to depress the button, some knuckle them. Those carrying umbrellas tend to poke them.

All these to avoid contact with the much-used lift buttons.

If we are all so bothered by it, why not eliminate the need to use our fingers to touch the shared surface?

That’s what Seacon Square indoor shopping mall in Bangkok has came out with – a witty solution to use foot pedals to operate the elevators in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Beyond this outbreak, it would be nice to see this adopted on more mainstreamed malls where shoppers’ hands are usually tied up with groceries bags and others purchases.

It’s cool when there are only a few levels to choose from, another to flick our foot in a 40-level building.

And while we’re on this smart lift topic, why not a voice-activated lift in the future?