Path And The Little Delightful Details

Path is one of the most beautiful app in the iOS ecosystem.

However, as much as I really want to like it, it just doesn‘t fit into any of my social media flow. I already have Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends, Twitter to keep afloat of the interesting and smart people online, and Whatsapp for texting. Right now, I have only one friend in Path and that’s my partner. It should remain this way as we don’t want to spread our energy tracking too many updates across so many platforms.

Also, Path has no clear distinction on its value proposition. What is it trying to achieve? Why are they doing this? What makes them do this? Path has pivoted several times in the past, adopting a reactive approach to its competitors. Stickers and stand-alone messaging app. It has taken on different ideas and this has resulted in a confused image for the public.

That being said, Path is delightful in its little, subtle manner. Brain Lovin walked us through the list, 14 of them – from signing-in to the actual usage of the app itself to the Path website. Everything is thoughtfully considered and implemented.

For myself, I like:

1. the clock that changes so fluidly as I scroll up and down the feed. Maybe liking it is an understatement, but discovering this dynamic changing of time just made me want to see the past interactions more often.

2. there’s also the popping of menu. Tapping “+” button brings out a host of option. The way it flew out and spread itself across is well…addictive. Sometimes I find myself tapping this feature wanting to really post anything. It’s designing for the gut.

The UI and UX experience is top notch. Fast and responsive, everything down to the smallest details are ruminated over. What it really is now, I‘m not sure. I‘m just a happy Path user, extremely satisfied with its considered approach of marrying form and functionality.