It’s a simple word, one that’s getting overused by the free souls touting their new found freedom.

It’s a romantic word to use – chase after your dreams, do what your passion brings you. But how far can it bring us? How long can it sustain us before the reality sets in? Can passion withstand the inevitable obstacles and challenges as we move along?

I’ve a deep passion for technology, especially consumer electronics. I love reading reviews on gadgets, and I once haboured the thought of making a living reviewing gadgets. That would be so cool – trying and using things that interest me, and getting paid for it at the same time. My angle and opinion would influence the readers. My writing matters. It would be a dream job marrying two of my favourite passion – consumer electronics and writing.

But not everyone can be a tech journalist or supporting themselves with a blog. That’s the reason why I’m still holding on to a full time job that has no resemblance to my interest.

Because there’s something above passion gets us through life.

It’s purpose.

Not everyone can fulfil their passion. But everyone can achieve their purpose.

The pump attendant in the gas station, do you think it’s his passion standing there, waiting for cars to drive in and top up petrol for them? The cleaner that collects our soiled dishes, wash them and then clean them. Do you think it’s her passion to perform this role? Unlikely. But people do this for a reason. That pump attendant may be building up his saving so he can eventually go on a long fishing trip with his friends. The cleaner may be saving up for her children to go university.

The clearer our sense of purpose is, the more resilient we are to hardships.