One and half a dozen

It’s been a of those patches. A blur of blankness enveloping my desire and ability to write. I don’t feel like writing, not here anyway. I’m still diligently documenting my day in Day One. It’s becoming a habit – a nightly ritual that makes me feel incomplete if I don’t write.

That’s not to say I’m abandoning this space. Mintype is the first domain I bought. I’ve been through several hosts and platforms – WordPress hosted on Bluehost previously, but A Small Orange has been my home for the past 2 years and I’ve just renewed my plan with them recently. Though I find Squarespace excellent for my needs, I tend to tinker with them too often. The ease of changing little design bits here and there is tempting and addictive. Part of the reason why I’m sticking with WordPress is it just works. I’ve never change anything aesthetic-wise for the past year, and that allows me to focus on what I truly set out to do on this site – to write and share my thoughts.

The lengthening gap between my writing frequency is not a major concern. Because as people grow, interests change. I’m less a typography fantatic compared to 2 years ago, when I was passionate about learning the deep ends of it. Now, I’m less keen in pursuit of subject that’s totally new. A couple of months back I thought of relearning the basics of HTML and CSS but gave up before the day is over.

The reality is that there are so many things to see, learn and master. But we must choose our time wisely. Know the priorities and be disciplined in managing them.