On What Not To Write

These day, I’m thinking quite a bit. I ponder about what to write here, what to include in this blog, what kind of content fall outside this blog. Maybe choosing what to exclude will give me a better direction of where I should be heading. There should be no rules, no guidelines as to how to create and structure a blog as personal as this. They say break the convention, bend the rules, listen to no one but yourself. Your inner voice will guide you to where you belong. Things are easier when you don’t know the limits.

Maybe the honest approach is to write things that interest me. Dilemma strikes at this point each time I give some deep thoughts. Because I have vast interests in diverse topics, and sometimes these topics don’t intersect or they appear to be out of place, rather than blending in harmoniously. I write about what holds my interest at the particular moment. Time waits for no man.

I harbor the notion of my writing not being shrewd enough, and my prose not being elegant enough, and my content not being focus enough. There will never be enough enough. While these thoughts will linger in my mind, it will not affect the way I go about writing. It’s about being true to myself and being honest is the best way forward. I thought of the following values that will guide me in the way.

-> Favoring long-form articles
-> Post only when I have something to say
-> Post things of value
-> Never add to the noise by posting unnecessary bullshit
-> Linked posts are fine, only when they are really worth sharing
-> I favor arrows over bullet points

During the 1990s, people are freely linking to each other. This is the type of free market mentality that accelerated the meteoric rise of the Internet. It’s about sharing the good things. These days, people are eager to keep visitors glued to their own site. Stealing content and passing off and their own, copy-paste the entire content with a small credit hidden somewhere down below is unethical. I think the world would be a better place if we can open up.

Keep visitors (and eventually readers) coming back for more, by directing them away.