On Procrastination

I found this snippet in my Simplenote. I grabbed it off one of the many newsletters in my inbox, but I forgot who the original author was.

Nevertheless, here’s something on procrastination. It still lingers in our mind and we can never put it off completely, unless we decided to tackle the task head-on. And the longer we put off, the greater the friction.

The only thing better than the euphoria of ticking an item off your to-do that has been haunting you for weeks… is the feeling of not having any tasks items festering away on the mental backburner at all. The energy required to do a task grows in proportion to the scale and duration of the procrastination. In the end, ‘putting it off’ repeatedly for easier, less psychologically demanding tasks only increases the level of effort required to buckle down and get it done. It gets harder, never easier.