On Job Security

To most people, nothing matters more than providing for the family.

It keeps men going in the worst of times, knowing that the family is depending on him.

We are going through a tough time right now. The crisis of a generation.

In my company, my already lean department is being stretched beyond its limit. I looked around – people have left – by force and by choice.

Not the best place to be in.

But despite getting my pay cut since the start of COVID, I’m grateful I’ve a job. The situation out there is far worse – with jobless guys and fresh graduates vying out for the openings.

I finish work every day totally worn out. It has affected me both mentally and physically. I sense I’m on the verge of burnt out.

It’s a horrible sinking feeling.

I’m sure the axe will fall. Not a matter of if, but a matter of when.

And it’s a race between finding (yet another) a new job and getting laid off.