Offscreen Issue 12: Interview with Alexander Aghassipour of Zendesk

I love Offscreen magazine. It’s the only publication I’ve gotten every copy of since issue 7. Even if you’re not in the tech sector, you could still pick up nuggets of wisdom from the people behind the bits and pixels.

Issue 15 is just hot off the press and it will be the last issue using the current format. Comes the next issue, it will be a complete redesign. I’m looking forward to what Kai Branch will bring to this magazine.

Meanwhile, please support him for all the awesome work he has done for Offscreen, as well as sharing behind-the-scene work. One man operation for a sustainable publication is tough, props to him for consistently delivering such quality stuffs.

Also, I want to revisit Issue 12 where Alexander Aghassipour, founder of Zendesk, shares his thoughts on several things.

Be focused and obsessed
I learned that I needed to pick one thing and stick with it. It should be the first thing I think about when waking up in the morning and the last thing I think about when going to bed at night.

Getting word-of-mouth to spread through opinion leaders
We identified alpha consumers who would blog about us, be passionate about zendesk on social networks, and eventually make us mainstream.

Design first
You cannot brand or build your product without aesthetics and design being treated as first-class citizens.

On being bored
To me the ultimate luxury is – as weird as it sounds – to be able to be bored. Being bored means that you have no immediate schedule and no commitments. Time belongs to you. It opens up space for you to ponder, reload, and get new ideas. Like most other luxury items, I realize boredom is only valuable when it is scarce. But I’m deprived of it and in bad need of a refill.