No More Everpix

This morning, I woke up to the news that everpix is shutting down its service.

That’s very depressing. It’s a service that I really come to love and embrace. I really like the ease of background uploading from the services linked to it, like my Instagram account. I don’t have to worry about backing up or syncing because everything is integrated so seamlessly.

Sometimes I open my my inbox and there’s a flashback there. It’s always nostalgic to look back on our past. It’s such a clever and thoughtful implementation and everpix does this by emailing me photos of that particular day.

To say that I’m really dismayed is an understatement. If the best of its class service like everpix can’t sustain itself, I’m pretty negative at what the rest can offer or whether they will still be around in a couple of years.

As extracted from their website:

Thank you, again. We’ll miss you.

The feeling is mutual…