Nexus 9 Against iPad 2

Android Police did a comparison between Nexus 9 and iPad 2. A fairly objective overview of how they match up. 

What David Ruddock said for Nexus 9 I pretty much experienced here in the Samsung Tab S 8.4. The biggest killer is the drain during standby. Similar to his observation, even a day of leaving the tablet would result in a battery drain of 12% – 20%. That’s with no apps running in the background and all the unnecessary services disabled. 

I know I’m not the only one, and this review confirms that it’s not just Samsung tablet suffering from this phenomenon. It’s totally unacceptable how this could happen. 

Since we’re on the topic of Android, Samsung has pre-installed so many bloat wares in there that I lost count. I heard TouchWiz has come a long way. If that its current condition, I can’t imagine how horrible it must be last time. 

Don’t add the fluff, focus on the essentials. Better yet, remove it altogether. Having a bunch of useless things in there just because of partnerships, or shallow thoughts that even 10% of its audience will use them is naive. Discovering you can’t uninstall third party apps that you have absolute no use for is like being shoved Justin Bieber songs in a Radiohead album you just purchased. 

If not for the need to get an Android tablet just for the app that’s not available elsewhere, I will never consider, let alone use it.