Netflix: Thank You For Canceling

Netflix will start asking customers who haven’t used its platform in the past year if they want to keep their subscriptions. If a customer doesn’t respond, Netflix will automatically cancel the subscription.

I hope more businesses will follow the lead of Netflix instead of squeezing every last drop from their customers.

For example; App store is filled with sneaky snakes. Freemium apps with trial and then charge you a heavy subscription. My mother-in-law nearly became a victim of such dark art when she recently downloaded a scanning app. It has a 3 day trial with annual subscription of $218.98. Luckily, we detected and terminated early enough to save our mind and wallet.

Some businesses are notorious for weaving customers through the hoops when it comes to cancellation — I’m looking in the direction of Adobe and Bluehost — and it leaves a sour taste in the mouth. When these companies intentionally make it difficult for customers to leave, it forever tarnish the relationship. Trust is diminished. It’s unlikely their customers would change their mind to stay voluntarily. The chances of them returning in the future are slim.

But when brands show they care about their customers, magic happens. They gravitate towards you. They appreciate the care and thoughtfulness. Not just a faceless organisation deprived of feelings, but a business ran by people with empathy.

Because when you take care of customers, customers will take care of you.