Neapolitan Pizza In Tokyo

In a country of multiple wonders, food in Japan is right up there on the list.

After reading Tokyo Neapolitan: The New Wave of Japanese Pizza, I’m adding this to my must-try food when we visit Tokyo next time.

Speaking of crust, I had the most uninspiring crust from slices of pizza from Prezzo. Thoroughly disappointed in the thick, soggy and tasteless crust – no wonder people often leave them out.

“In movies, you see people leave the crust. Unacceptable. Is the crust really that bad over there? I work hard to make my crust delicious. I never want anyone to feel like it’s too much, something to be left behind.”

Yes, it’s that bad. And it really makes me want to try the light and thin and fire-seared crust made by the chefs in this article.