My Sense of Games Now

This review of Dessert Golfing by yodeling aodl exactly describes my preference for games these days:

I’m fond of games that you can just launch, play, and put down, without a lot of complications. This fits that. It’s beautifully simple. The graphics remind me of the Atari 2600, but the gameplay and physics are nice and smooth. The objective is simple: get the ball in the hole. There are no items to buy, no ads, no stickers, no fanfare or interruptions. You can’t even go back to old holes. You just have to play through what’s there. As such, it’s a perfect “standing in line at …” game.

So many games distract with their premium currency, social interactions, applause and rewards for doing the simplest of things. This is none of that. Just a desert, and some golfing. Nothing else.

I’ve been binge purchasing games on iOS recently, starting from Space Commander, then Alto’s Adventure. There are a couple of other cool games (Kingdom Rush Origins and Desert Golfing) that are on discounts so I might pick them up as well.