My Initial Impression On iPad Pro 12.9

I’ve been using the new iPad Pro 12.9 for about 2 weeks. Bit the bullet and went ahead with this. Was a hard choice deciding between the finally-refreshed MacBook Air or the best-consumer-electric-device-ever-made iPad Pro. Chose the latter and here are my initial thoughts.

– Choosing the size of iPad Pro isn’t too hard of a decision. As it’s meant to replace my 13.3 MBP that just died after 5 years of service, I’d think a similar size screen would be ideal.

– I spend some time in Apple store, touching, using, the new iPad. Like what other reviews panned out, the 12.9 ipad is indeed much lighter, slimmer, and handsome.

– Once I tried out the 12.9 version, it’s hard to go back to anything smaller. The gorgeous screen is the first thing that grasps your attention.

– Speaking of screen, it’s a fingerprint magnet. Annoying. Microfiber cloth is its best friend now.

– As the Smart Keyboard folio is sold out, my order didn’t arrive till 2 weeks later. During these 2 weeks, I’m absolutely convinced that to get the most out of this sleek, powerful and futuristic iPad Pro, keyboard is requisite.

– I was worried that the 12.9 one would be unwieldy and uncomfortable to hold. Not really. The size is like a regular A4 pad. It does get a little weary after prolong holding though. I like to hold it up and read long-form articles. After 10 mins or so, I find myself having to readjust.

– I don’t miss my MBP, not yet anyway. Almost all the things I’ve doing most on my MBP – like web surfing, writing, editing pictures, can be done equally well on this ipad. In many instances, the experience is actually better with the tablet.

I’m missing the Apple Pencil. It was sold out a few weeks back. Still contemplating whether to get it as a Christmas gift for myself. I see it as a luxury item – nice to have but not necessary to my needs. Well, Apple is blurring the lines between functionality and indulgence with every release. It could be the ultimate indulgence accessory that enhances the whimsical level and usability of this device.