My Best Piece Of Investment For The iPhone

…is a sheet of screen protector.

Yes, you read it correctly. Not the fancy, colourful case, not the yet-again another productivity app, and certainly not one of those minimalistic writing app filling up the market.

To understand why I made the decision to apply this piece of glass over the screen, we need to go back in time and replay the scene.

It was September last year, and the iPhone started shipping worldwide. I lined up like the rest of the world did, got my iPhone, my first iPhone to be precise and went home happy. Couple of weeks later, I got out of my car and for reasons I couldn’t explain, the phone got flung out and landed screen first on the car park.

I walked over, picked it up and this was the moment of emotional roller coaster. The bad thing? The screen cracked. The good thing? It’s still in working condition. I’m disgusted at my carelessness, but grateful that the phone could still be used. To be sure, I made a few calls to be certain of that.

Anyway, I went to get the phone changed and this time round I want to make sure the phone has ample protection. After researching, I zeroed in on this screen protector, and what an investment it turned out to be.

The Glas.t Premium Tampered Glass

First off, Glas.T by Spigen is made of glass, not some run-of-the-mill cheap plastic. What different does that make? In short, it’s basically the only screen protector you need before you change your phone. The slightly longer version? Comparing plastic built and glass, the gorgeous output of the retina screen is never compromised, you still retain the wonderful screen reproduction. I haven’t move on to the topic of durability which leads us to…

The Drop Test

I have since dropped the phone many times, not intentional by any means, often screen first down onto the hard concrete ground. Each time that happened, my heart skipped a beat, literally. The traumatic experience of the screen cracked replayed many times over and the memory is still fresh in my mind. Thankfully, it has held up well and there’s no visible cracks or anything, just a hairline scratch on the top left hand corner.

Many screen protectors add a level of plastic sheet over the generous screen, and the difference with one with a cheap screen protector and one that’s naked is strikingly obvious. And the feel as your fingers slide over the screen is noticeably different, and over time, the friction increases and the action of gliding your fingers around the screen becomes less of a pleasure.

Glass.T doesn’t have this issue. It doesn’t compromise on the screen quality and it’s remarkably smooth to touch. If you are one that likes the feel and touch of the naked screen, you would be glad to hear the glass.t has almost the same feel and touch.


The Glass.T is not without any cons though. The level of protection it provides comes at a price, the price of a thicker screen. The added height means dust are prone to being trapped in and around the edges. It also makes the home button much harder to depress, but this little issue can easily be resolved if you stick a cool looking sticker on top of it.

To sum it up

It comes with a hefty price tag. It’s not meant for everyone. If you are the sort that handles phone clumsily, prone to dropping and raining constant abuse at it, glas.t should be on your radar. Above everything else, if you want the best protection for the gorgeous screen, this is definitely right on top with the best.