Muji Beads Sofa

If you tell me I’d fall head over heels for a bean cushion some years back, I’d have laugh it off.

Bean cushion is the poor cousin to a stylish reading chair. Where one has a form without structure, another is thoughtfully designed.

Now, I’m typing (editing) this on a Muji beads sofa (their equivalent of bean bag). Three days in, I already think this is my best purchase of the year.

Muji’s bean cushion is unlike any others I’ve tried (though I had not tried that many). It’s soft, the bits inside are small and fluffy. Sit or lie in any position and watch the bag couture to your body shape. The cover is smooth and comfortable, so the entire experience of this bean cushion is totally amazing. It’s also versatile to be moved around and act as an ottoman.

I’ve fallen asleep while reading on a few occasions. While my search for the ideal reading chair has taken over a year, I’ve now found the perfect alternative in this Muji bean cushion. If you’re having second thoughts about it, head over to your nearest outlet and try it out yourself. I wasn’t convinced until I tried it on and from there, I was hooked.

Meanwhile, surf the tranquil product page of theirs and scroll through calming pictures. You’d wish you have a cup of hot beverage within reach while relaxing on a comfortable bean cushion.