Moving Forward: Mintype

Three years ago, I asked myself the same question: “What is the direction for Mintype?”

I started this site because I’m a strong advocate for well-designed product and services. Design has the ability to change minds and better our lives. Technology has always been a good companion, through good and bad times. Sharing my thoughts about things that marries superb design and technology was my initial vision.

Over time, I began sharing more about myself, about how the world around me. It wasn’t always about design and technology, though they still form a major part of the content here. I wanted this to be a place filled with words rather than pictures – hence the tagline – drawing pictures with words. Much of the inspiration comes from Shawn Blanc, swissmiss and Daring Fireball. The giants of the indie publishing whom I have deep respect for. Gradually, I begin to find my voice. It makes me realize people don’t come back just because you write a good review, take a nice photo or share a sweet recipe. People come back for you, the writer. The human behind the words and pictures. They return because they like your style and voice.

I started moving away from writing with words alone. Pictures popped up, gradually. Then, as I move to my own home and started to take more responsibilities (like doing housework), my personal time shrink and the posting frequently got affected as a result. But honestly, time constraint wasn’t why I’ve posted so little over the past six months.

I lost interest in writing.

As my subscription with A Small Orange was expiring last month, I pondered if I should continue. Part of me wanted the bottomless Internet to swallow this place. Part of me wants to keep it, knowing that I’d eventually get back into writing. Seeing my work before the world has always given me a high, regardless of how many people actually read them.

A whole week passed before I decided to sign up with another web host (GeekStorage). Backed up the previous data but in the midst of restoring, many media were lost. Too much in fact. Let these be the faded, hazy memories I’ve had of the past. Looking back gives me nostalgia. Forging ahead gives me hope. If search engine brought you here and you can’t locate the exact information, it’s because of broken links during the migration. They’re unlikely to be fixed.

There’s only one direction I’d like to see Mintype takes – forward. Whatever content it holds, who knows? But it will be the voice of Mintype.

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