Mornings With Coffee

My recent obsession with everything notebook related has led me into uncharted territory. Never a person to be interested in stationaries, I’m now feverishly sourcing for the ideal setup of pen and notebook. I curiously starred into the everyday carry of others, looking to pick up some inspirations along the way.

Somewhere deep in Flickr, amidst the pile of notebooks and pens and chronodex, stood a photo that caught my attention. It was taken by Anna Bieniek. So transfixed and mesmerised by it that I felt the urge and desire to find out more.

Her blog, Morning With Coffee certainly didn’t disappoint. There is something tangible and real about it. Coffee, notebook, analog camera, stamps, envelope with vintage postcard, aged boots, hand-drawn planner, loving illustrations, faded leaves and sunset at the ocean. I could probably go on, but the best way to take in all these is to head over to her site. If you are not hard-up for time, do take some moment to read through her main site.

Honestly, I can spend my entire afternoon, with a coffee by my side, browsing through the exquisite photos and admiring her creations.