More Than Just A Product

Leica. What comes to mind when this brand flashed across the screen? Precise construction. Quality engineering. Proud heritage. And, deadly expensive.

I‘m not a camera person, but I like reading up on brands with long history and an unwavering dedication in producing the best crafts. Andrew Kim‘s thoughts on Leica T, and generally why we perceived some brands as more than just products.

In many ways, the Sony RX1 reminds me of the Nissan GTR. A brilliant, precise tool designed to achieve its goal effortlessly. Despite being amazing products, both the RX1 and GTR lack a certain ability to stir your emotion. You’re most likely to feel a sense of respect for them, rather than fall in love. The 2014 GT-R reaches 60 from a standstill in just 2.9 seconds and costs under $100,000. It’s a number the Ferrari 458 can’t match while costing twice the price. But you’ve got to admit, life isn’t always about numbers and there’s something about that sexy red body.

To the people who care, these are important attributes: heritage, history, branding, culture, community and stories.

It‘s why we are so attached to certain brands. It‘s the reason why we are attracted to them. Brand loyalty is vital to repeated purchases. Get people to love your brand, and they will buy products and services by you.