Money Is Hard To Earn

Growing up, my mother told me money is hard to earn.

I never forget that.

But as the youngest in the family, I was usually showered with love.

I hardly thought about the sacrifices that went into getting the things I wanted.

To me, money was just…there.

Now – I realised – my mother’s statement has never been more accurate.

We trade time and energy in exchange for money.

Money is indeed hard to earn.

Economists predict the profound financial impact of COVID-19 is yet to come.

But companies have already start downsizing. Budgets are reduced. Welfares are withdrawn.

To people out there without any pay reduction or layoff, you are the fortunate bunch.

I used to scoff at the thoughts of working in government sector. I thought I’m better off elsewhere, given their style of working and bureaucracy.

But in uncertain times, they are doing just fine.

Whereas I’m staring worryingly at the prospect of yet more unpaid leaves in the coming months.

What’s left are barely enough to cover the essentials.

Money is indeed hard to earn. But once earned, use it wisely. And save for rainy days, because it will come.