Midnight Diner

“The setting of Midnight Diner is a small 12 seat Izakaya called “Meshiya” in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Despite the restaurant’s strange opening hours, 12 am to 7 am, it is popular with the busy nightlife of Shinjuku.”


Available on Netflix, I highly recommend to give it a spin. Just 20 minutes-ish an episode, it’s the perfect length for a quick break.

What’s not to like about this short Japanese drama? The opening music is enchanting, the backdrop of Tokyo are beautiful, the characters are everyday peeps you can relate to. And in every episode, the topic revolves around a particular Japanese food.

I’ve been watching this most nights with a beer and snacks. A Kirin beer I bought recently tasted overly bitter and lacks the smooth beer texture. Must be a dud, I thought.

Turned out after imitating the Japanese way of pouring into a cup, it tasted so much better. I normally just drink beer straight from the can or bottle, so having this much of a difference is intriguing.

Hopefully there will be season 3. This show is too good to end with just two seasons.