MacStories Review on iPad Air 2

Over at MacStories, Federico Viticci wrote his thoughts on iPad Air 2. He’s had the iPad Air 2 for three months and an iPad owner of five years.

The iPad, for me, is a product of intangibles. How its portable nature blurs the line between desktop computers and mobile. How a vibrant developer community strives to craft apps that make us do better work and record memories and enjoy moments and be productive and entertained. The iPad, for me, is a screen that connects me with people and helps me with my life’s work anywhere I am.

It’s not the typical review like many tech sites, where charts and figures dominate the page. In this review, there’s no discussion on specs, for they matter little if everything work smoothly. The spotlight is instead turned to the actual usage of the device – how they fit into Viticci’s lifestyle and why he thought that’s the ideal device for him. Everyone’s usage is different – you may disagree with the article but an iPad is the best computing device available to him. This is the kind of article I like – less of a review and more of how the device fits into the context of the author’s lifestyle.

I’d love to own an iPad eventually. I already have an iPhone and a MacBook Pro Retina. Having assessed my computing habits, an iPad would be a luxury device. It would certainly keep me entertained during my morning and evening commute, but the iPhone 6 is already doing a fine job especially with the bigger screen. What’s more, the tablet I own – Samsung Tab S 8.4 – is in my bag most of the time, in airplane mode and hardly used. It’s definitely under-utilized. An iPad may change all these but at the moment, I’m happy with the ultra portable computer called iPhone.