Literary Repetition

Author and columnist Stephen Marche, who has perused PG Wodehouse and Hamlet more than 100 times each, extols the virtues of literary repetition.

[…]I read Hamlet a 100 times because of Anthony Hopkins. He once mentioned, in an interview with Backstage magazine, that he typically reads his scripts over a 100 times, which gives him “a tremendous sense of ease and the power of confidence” over the material.[…]The children want to hear the one story they have heard so many times they don’t need to hear it again.

He continued:

[…]Life is brief and there is so much to read. But I cannot imagine that I will find another book to read a hundred times in my life. You can be acquaintances with many books, and friends with a few, but family with only one or two.

Good books are meant to be reread. Just like I never sick of listening to my favourite songs, the books I hold dear are trusty companion that can be called upon in good and bad times.