Lifestyle Practice: Write More

In The Focus Course, one of my lifestyle practices I listed down is to write daily.

Well, I’ve been writing daily already. Every night, I open Day One and starts documenting what has happened in the day. Some days are short, because it’s just a normal day and there’s nothing special to add on. Some days are interesting, like a new experience or a memorable incident that happened.

They are all written in Day One.

But journaling to me is personal. Writing here is not. It’s a platform for me to share. Sharing makes people (particularly me) happy. Teaching is the best way to learn, Bear Gyrll said. I heard this again during James Attacher podcast this morning. I find I’m able to understand and retain concepts better when I process them in my brain, think it through, and write them down.

I’m not going to make this long because it’s getting late (nearly midnight) over here.

Amongst the other lifestyle practices I’ve written down in The Focus Course is to read more and going to bed earlier. It’s about time to read on the bed, winding the night down for a comfortable rest.