Leica Q – In The Words Of Craig Mod

Leica Q with its logo concealed behind a black tape

Having read Craig Mod’s review, it’s impossible not to fall in love with Leica Q.

In the succulent piece of article, he describes with fascinating account of why he thought the Leica Q is a rare feat of engineering that shouldn’t exist.

This is the pinnacle of review. Probably less of a review, and more of a storytelling piece that takes reader back into his journey in Myanmar.

When someone like Craig Mod speaks, people listen. When he gives an endorsement to a particular product, you know it’s pretty darn good.

I’m a greenhorn starting out in photography and I’m excited at the prospect of shooting with the Leica Q. His writing is so alluring that even without seeing the camera in person, let alone handle it, I’m willing to splurge on a overpriced device.

That’s how convincing this is.

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