Lego Man Goes On An Adventure

For the series titled “Legographer”, Andrew Whyte takes his little guy (Lego minifig) out on exploration trips. My top pick is the one where lego man leaned onto the fence shooting the oncoming train.

All the pictures were taken using iPhone 4S and 5S and shot using the app called 645 Pro. They are then post-edited using Snapseed. This simple process demonstrates two things: The camera phone is good enough for most photography endeavours and secondly, tools don’t make a good craftsman. Put a simple device in the hands of a creative maker and what we get there is a unique perspective and compelling stories told through striking pictures.

I’m also inspired to do something like this. Taking on my favourite companion on travel trips and shooting scenes from their perspective. I foresee getting lots of curious stares from onlookers though.

Other than that, the fun and the creative outlet is almost limitless. I have done similar shots in the past, posing our little buddy (a hybrid of cow and reindeer soft-toy) with the food. It’s in a controlled setting where we can set up the scenes and render them as best as we could. But bringing him on outdoor trips where conditions can be volatile and unpredictable will be challenging and exciting at the same time.